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Hokunui Maui, LLC

Strategic and Community Partnerships Manager (October 2016 - May 2019)

Director of Sustainability and Business Development (June 2019 - November 2019)


Hokunui Maui is a 258-acre regenerative farming community which includes native forestry, ranching and development of 42 green homes. Responsibilities and achievements:


  • Project development and grant writing which secured $2.5 million for Hokunui Maui and project partner Halau Ke‘alaokamaile for native forestry, farming, Hawaiian culture, water and energy conservation programs, as follows: Agroforestry Training for Native Hawaiians to Increase Economic Opportunity, Food Security and Cultural Connection USDA Beginning Farmer Rancher Grant; Perpetuating Native Hawaiian Cultural Practices through Native Plants DHHS Administration for Native Americans SEDS (Social and Economic Development Strategies); Solar System for Well Pump USDA REAP (Rural Energy for America Program); Mobile Slaughter Unit (MSU) and Mobile Cut and Wrap Unit to Increase Consumption of Local Meat and Create a New Market for Ranchers USDA LFPP (Local Foods Promotion Program); Hanau ka Ulu La‘au Ola Mau na Hua (Born is the forest, long live the seeds) Office of Hawaiian Affairs Pa‘e ‘Aina Sustainability Grant; Water Security For Agriculture—Capturing And Utilizing On-Farm Surface Water State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources WSAG (Water Security Grant Program); Forestry and Livestock Support USDA NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service); Twenty-acre Native Forestry State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources Forestry Stewardship Program.

  • Operations management, including; development of company-wide project list, deadline and task tracking; temporary management of staff farm stand, technology, marketing and Mobile Slaughter Unit staff.

  • Facilitation of all management and team meetings, including; agenda development, team building, note taking, task tracking and follow up.

  • Management and execution of special projects, including: Mobile Slaughter Unit; Feasibility studies for agricultural projects; Wastewater planning for agricultural operations; USDA FSIS Compliance; FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) and GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) compliance.

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